Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gisèle's Bucket List

10 down, 72 to go :)
#33 is the latest one!

Swim with Dolphins
2-) Learn to speak Italian
... then visit Italy

4-) ... visit Africa (go on a safari)
5-) Volunteer in Africa
6-) Skydive 
7-) zip-lining 
8-) hold a monkey 
9-) re-try snowboarding 
10-) learn to wakeboard
 11-) go White water rafting
12-) Go on a cruise
13-) go dog-sledding
14-) go on a horse and carriage ride
15-) Learn to skateboard
16-) Make a vase on a potter's wheel
17-) Go rock-climbing
19-) Try to surf 

20-) Feed a giraffe
21-) Drive on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran in a convertible
22-) Finish writing a novel
23-) Milk a cow
23-) Own sheep
24-) Sleep under stars
26-) Start fire without matches
27-) Visit a ghost town
28-) Visit Salem, Mass. (preferably on Halloween)

30-) Visit Ireland
31-) Find my 'Notebook' kind of love
try to wear fake eyelashes
33-) be in the same room as the Dalai Lama
34-) Dance with Ellen!
35-) Own a 60's VW Van (and road trip)
37-) Learn to play piano

38-) See van Gogh's The Starry Night in NYC
39-) See slam poetry, live (preferably with AP) 

40-) Go to City Lights Bookstore (SF)
41-) Go to Boston (ie: Cheers)
42-) Watch an NFL game
43-) See Chicago live on broadway
44-) See The Nutcracker, live, around Christmastime

45-) Go on a hot air balloon ride 
46-) Celtics - live. 
47-) Camp at Big Bend State Park - Texas 
48-) Yoga at sunset and sunrise 
49-) Go for a ride on a tall ship / sailboat
50-) Finish a Tough Mudder challenge 
51-) Attend a Yoga retreat in the Carribean 
52-) Attend a silent retreat 
53-) When in New York, go eat dessert and have coffee at Sant Ambroeus 
54-) Also, when in NY, watch a Broadway play 
55-) Visit Central Park (feed pigeons)
56-) Be an extra in a movie 
57-) Go all the way up (or down) Highway 61 
58-) Go to Cafe Wha? in NYC (and have a cheeseburger, like Bob) 
59-) Go to 114 MacDougal St, NYC, where the Gaslight Cafe once was (and also visit these Dylan-related spots in NY) 
60-) Go to Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in San Antonio, TX
61-) Go eat at Palazzo in Amsterdam (http://www.palazzo.nl/en/) 
62-) Go to Barton Springs in Austin, TX 
63-) Go on the Big Yellow Bike in Des Moines (http://www.thebigyellowbike.com/index.html) 
64-) Watch a jazz show in NOLA 
65-) Color run 
66-) Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity 
67-) Tidal Bore Water Rafting (and playing in the mud) in Shubenacadie 
68-) Go to the One & Only Resort in the Bahamas with Ad
69-) See Bob Dylan again (and again) 
70-) Finish a half-marathon / full marathon 
71-) Touch a sheep. 
72-) Visit Kerouac's grave 
73-) Run a 10K 
74-) San Antonio's River Walk
75-) Cat Café in Japan 
76-) Las Vegas avec la best friend Amanda 
77-) Grand Canyon 
78-) Vesuvio Cafe (San Fransisco) 
79-) The Beat Museum (San Fransisco) 
80-) Beach camping in Texas 
81-) Yosemite 
82-) Crater Lake (Crater Lake - Wiki)